Point In Time


A Point in Time is a snapshot of the homeless community throughout Kings and Tulare Counties.  The survey results provide a depth of information pertaining to patterns in the homeless population within these counties.

A Point in Time count provides service agencies, local government and policies makers the opportunity to spot trends in homelessness and to evaluate the success of existing programs.  It is a tool for agencies and their partners to apply for funding and to plan for programs and services to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness within our community.


point in time Report

On January 24-31, 2019, dozens of non-profits, faith-based groups, local government and concerned citizens worked together to collect the data.  The Alliance is pleased to publicly release not only this year’s Point in Time Report, but previous year’s reports as well.

2019 PIT Report
2018 PIT Report
2017 PIT Report 

The Continuum of Care would like to thank all of the survey team leaders, volunteers and respondents; we will continue to work to advance homeless housing and services in hopes that these number will decline in the future.