Landlord recruitment

We are working to create successful landlord partnerships across the Kings and Tulare counties. Through a coordinated community-based process, service providers work with families, single adults, and vetarans to help them exit homelessness and access services that will keep them housed longterm. Landlord engagement is an imporatant component in identifying affordable housing and increasing access to housing.

Benefits for Landlords:

  • Guaranteed security deposit
  • First and last months rent
  • Short and long term rental assistance (depending on the program)
  • Free tenant screening and referrals, which can reduce turnover time in rental units
  • Housesholds are provided individualized case managament before and after the move including:

    Household management
    Tenant education
    Employment assistance
    Regular home visits by case managers

  • Housing households with the greatest housng barriers

If you are a landlord or propery manager interested in partnering with Kings/Tulare Homeless Alliance to house the homeless, please contact the Coordinated Entry System Manager.